California Drivers License Design | Everything You Need to Know

California is one of the first four states which have adopted a new California drivers license design in 2011. California state issued its first California drivers license in 1954. Check details on everything about CA DL new 2021-2022.

California Drivers License Design

California Drivers License Design California introduced the California drivers license in the 1950s with dark blue background, similar to most other states at that time. California changed its California drivers license in 1975 by adding white vertical stripes on the right side of the card, but keeping otherwise unchanged its original design. An interesting fact about these stripes is that they are made up of small reflective beads designed to make night-time traffic violations more difficult when using a flashlight or headlight. Download Fully editable California Drivers License Template PSD and create fake CA DL or download California Birth Certificate Template PSD.

California revamped their California drivers license again in 2004 when they were already quite far along with issuing green cards for non-citizens who are California residents. California drivers license featured the Golden Gate bridge in the upper right corner of the California drivers license, along with California state flag (notably California State Flag is left side up while California Drivers License Design shows it upside down).

California designed their new California drivers license very carefully, to make sure that their police officers can easily spot fake California drivers licenses. California has modified its drivers license template design by adding holographic images, laser engraved fingerprints and unique barcodes which are barely visible to demonstrate its authenticity if re-issued or replaced due to wear, damage or other deficiencies.

Latest California Drivers License Design Announcement:

California recently announced that California drivers license designs have been updated, and will be rolled out January 2018. California drivers licenses can be ordered through the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The California DMV has released the final design for California drivers licenses starting in January 2018. These new California drivers licenses feature a few changes in color and design compared to previous years: white backgrounds instead of blue, 3D images in place of 2D images, and California grizzly bear footprints will replace California grizzly bear profiles on the back. California residents with current California driver’s licenses do not need to switch to this new type when they expire – after all, it is still a valid form of identification. However, who obtains their first California drivers license after January 2018 will receive a California drivers license that is in compliance with California Senate Bill 1461.

The California DMV is the official driving authority for California, and accordingly issues California drivers licenses. This is not to be confused with California driver’s permits – they are different documents, issued by California Department of Motor Vehicles, providing driving privileges to California residents who have not passed their 16th birthday or successfully completed a traffic education program (California Code §12810(c)) . A California learner permit allows the bearer to drive only while accompanied by a licensed adult over 21 years of age (California Vehicle Code §§12515-16).


The Californian license is one of four states using a two color scheme on their driver’s licenses; black print on white background for standard identification cards, and white print on green for California’s identification cards. California also features California drivers license design with holographic images, laser engraved fingerprints and unique barcodes which are barely visible to demonstrate its authenticity if re-issued or replaced due to wear, damage or other deficiencies.

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